Vin de Bergerac, vin de Monbazillac, Château Belingard


A great reward!!!!

Top 100 Gilbert et GAillard

The Château Belingard Blanche de Bosredon Monbazillac 2011 was classified n°3 of Top 100 wines of South West by the Gilbert & Gaillard Guide !!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016

Redim petit Carte de Voeux Belingard 2016 papier recyclé éclaircie

Château Belingard in China

Séjour en Chine novembre 2015 redim

Vianney de Tastes represented Château Belingard during a Masterclass in Xiamen and he was also at The Hong Kong Wine Fair accompanied of Sylvie Deffarge from Château Moulin Caresse and of Miranda Ly.

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