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Cuvée Blanche de Bosredon - Monbazillac

Grand Vin Blanc Sec : Lyvress de Château Belingard

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Hillside vineyards.
Very steep, west-facing plots.

Grape Variety
Sauvignon (100%)

Winemaking Process

Manual harvest in successive sortings of over-ripe but botrytis-free grapes. Direct pressing in a pneumatic press. Fermentation in one-year old barrels. Ageing for 18 months in oak barrels without oxidation.


At 11°-12° with fish, scallops in cream, white meat in sauces, with fruity cheeses (Comté, Beaufort, etc.).

Opulent, nose of quince and preserved fruit, close to the aromas of the great sweet white wines.Astonishing flavour on the palate of ripe fruit with a surprisingly long finish, leaving a taste of happiness in the mouth.


Find a synonym for:
midnight madness, sheer delight, ecstasy, shared bliss, overwhelming enthusiasm, careless rapture.
Open an imaginary dictionary:
you will find our untranslatable Lyvress!

Comte de Bosredon
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